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S2K Sabbir

If We Look Around Us, We See Different Types Of People. Some Fight, Some Fight. Someone Wins Or Loses. Some Die, And Some May Be Killed By The Gesture Of His Hand. We Constantly See The Movement Of Various People Around Us. Some Fight To Survive; Some Retreat From The Fear Of Fighting And Spend Their Lives Within The Four Walls. Some People Think They Will Advance Their Lives Differently Than Others.

When The Story Of Moving Forward Separately Came, It Could Be Said About The Founder Of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Who Discovered Facebook In His Student Life Along With His Studies. Who Knew That A Small Work Of That Day Is Today The Number One Social Media In The World? Forget The World. Come To Bangladesh. In 2003, The Doctor At Mymensingh Medical Was Named Dr. Mehdi Hasan Khan. Who Thought To Make The Bengali Language Fit To Write In An Easy Way? Who Made The Avro Ki Board. Which Is Currently The Only Companion For Billions Of People To Write In Bengali.
In This Way, Some People Engage Themselves In Creative Activities In Addition To Their Daily Work Activities. Let Us Know About One Such Man Today.

Barguna Is A District In Southern Bangladesh. Md. Sekander Matubbar And Mosa Setara Begum Live In Rakchandi Village Of Baliatali Union In That District. They Have Two Daughters And Seven Sons. In 2001, Another Boy Was Born As The Youngest Child In That Family. His Parents Lovingly Named Him Md. Sabbir. The Boy Who Stepped Into The Creativity Of Our Story Today Is No One Else! This Young Man Was Born As Md. Sabbir. Days Go By, And Time Goes By. S2K Sabbir Grew Up With Time. In 2010, He Completed Primary Stage (Psc) In School. Passed Junior School Certificate In 2014 And The Ssc In 2018.

From Childhood To Growing Up, Mobile Phones Are Scattered Around. He Saw That People Are Getting News From All Over The World At Their Fingertips On Mobile Phones. Seeing That, He Also Thinks That Not Only News But The Whole World Is Within Reach. After Ssc, He Therefore Started To Learn About The Online World Through His Mobile Phone. Little By Little, He Learns That He Can Take His Own Horizons To A Different Height Through The Computer. But To Know About This, You Need Knowledge About It. So After Passing Ssc, He Started Diploma In Computer. So That You Can Know More About It, You Can Find Out Who The Fire Buried In Ashes Is. He Started To Know About It. In 2023, He Completed Diploma Engineering In Computer Engineering From Barguna Polytechnic.

He Did Not Confine Himself Only To Studies. When The Whole World Is Stunned By The Outbreak Of Corona, This Son Of Barguna Is Slowly Developing Himself As A Web Developer. His First Steps Began In 2020. The Journey Of His First Tech Agency, S2k It Tech Point, Began. Who Is Currently A Highly Dependent Tech Agency In The Country. They Provide Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, And Various Tech Solutions.

He Established Himself As A Successful Entrepreneur In The Midst Of All These Activities. They Work For Various Clients In The Country As Well As Outside The Country. Among All These Works, He Is Making A Great Contribution To The Country’s Remittances.

In Addition To All These Works, He Sharpened Himself On Various Online Platforms. Established Two Online Shops. One Is S2k Shop (2021), And The Other Is Projapoti Shop (2023). This Online Shop Provides Domestic And Foreign Products Very Easily And With Fast Delivery To Different Parts Of The Two Countries. In The Middle Of All These Works, He Is Lifting Himself To Another Height From The Ranks Of Common People. Currently He Is Better Known To People As S2k Sabbir.

Man’s Natural Religion Is To Move Forward. Everyone Moves Forward. Some With Work And Some With Empty Hands. Someone Mixed With The Stream. This Young Turk Of Our Story Today Did Not Mix With This Current. He Made His Own Way. A Pioneer Who Paves The Way For Others. Leave Your Own Path For Others So That Others Do Not Stumble Along The Thorny Path Like Him. S2K Sabbir Is A Young Turk Who Has Turned His Age Into A Mere Number. As A Successful Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Founder Director Of An Online Shop At This Young Age, He Has Leapfrogged His Peers By Leaps And Bounds.

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