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S2K Sabbir


A Man’s First Identity Is Established Through His Actions. How Many Of Us Remember Our Birthright Identity, And How Long. To Make A Strong Position In This Mortal World You Must Do Something By Which The World Will Remember You Forever.

Today We Will Talk About A Young Entrepreneur. Born In Most Primitive Village Of Barguna District, This Young Man’s Name Is Md Sabbir. Although He Is Better Known As S2K Sabbir. Born In 2001, This Youngster Is The Youngest Among His Seven Siblings. He May Be Very Young In Terms Of Time. But His Work Took Him Far Ahead Of His Time Or So-Called Age. Our Young Entrepreneur Passed JSC In 2014 And SSC In 2018. Due To His Immense Interest In The World Of Technology, He Took Admission In Computer Engineering At Barguna Polytechnic Institute. And Completed Diploma Engineering In 2023.

Like Everyone Else, He Can Get To Know About The Online World Through Mobile. However, He Was Not Satisfied With Only Knowing The Mobile Connection. He Has Always Wanted To Develop Into Computer Programming. This Curiosity Has Helped Him Become A Successful Freelancer And Entrepreneur. S2K Sabbir Has Become An Established Web Developer, SEO Professional, Speed Optimization, Social Marketer And Successful Young Entrepreneur Due To His Unrelenting Efforts.

He Had To Work Hard To Establish Himself In The Freelancing Profession. Night After Night, Day After Day, He Worked To Build A Strong Position For Himself. After Achieving Success In Freelancing, He Did Not Stop. Along With His Freelancing Career, He Also Involved Himself In Business. In 2020 He Founded S2K IT Tech Point. This Company Is A Very Well-Known Tech Agency.

He Has Already Grabbed The Attention Of Many With His Relentless Work. S2K IT Tech Point Offers Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing And All IT Related Services. S2K IT Tech Point Has Not Limited Their Services Only Within The Country. Working With Many Reputed Organizations And IT Agencies Outside The Country At Par With Very Good Repute. S2K Sabbir Earns A Lot Of Foreign Exchange Through His Organization Which Plays A Major Role In The Country’s Economy.

Along With This Company, He Established S2K Shop In 2021, And Another Company Called Projapoti Shop In 2023. S2K Shop And Projapoti Shop Are Two E-Commerce Companies On The Online Platform He Founded. Today These Two Institutions Are One Of The Most Reliable And Fast Shopping Institutions In Bangladesh. This Is The First And Main Goal Of These Two Organizations So That The Products Reach The People Of The Country Safely In Less Time. Md. Sabbir Thinks That These Institutions Of His Currently Work Within The Country But Will Work Outside The Country In The Future. And He Is Working Relentlessly Towards That Goal.

Actually Time Is Very Limited In Human Life. We Are Guests In This Fleeting World For A Very Short Time. In This Period Of Time, Few People Can Make A Place For Themselves. As Such, S2K Sabbir As Known As Md. Sabbir Is Way Ahead. He Has Proved Through His Work How Incomparable He Is. He Will Shine His Name In The Country And Beyond The Country With His Creative Work And Hard Work In Future.

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