S2K Sabbir – The Story Of A Pole Star


S2K Sabbir

The World Has Actually Progressed Continuously Through The Ages At The Hands Of Accomplished People. One By One They Stepped Forward In Return For Their Work Sacrifices. Today We Will Know About Someone Who Has Gone Ahead Of Time And Far Away From Us. He May Be Only A Few Years Old In Terms Of Time On Earth, But As A Result Of His Actions, He Is Ahead Of Other Human Beings By Yojana.

Let’s Get Acquainted With The Hero Of Today’s Story. His Real Name Is Md Sabbir. Although People Know Him As S2K Sabbir. Barguna Is District Of Southern Bangladesh. He Was Born In Rokkhachondi Village Of M Baliatali Union Of This Barguna District. He Was Born On 20 December 2001, In The House Of Md. Sekander Matubbar And Mst Setara Begum. As A Child Of The Family, He Is The Youngest Among 8 Brothers And 2 Sisters. This Youngest Child Of A Joint Family Passed PSC In 2010. Subsequently, He Completed JSC In 2014, SSC In 2018, And He Graduated Diploma Engineering In Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) At Barguna Polytechnic Institute (BPI) In 2023.

He Had Infinite Interest In The World Of Technology. In 2018, He Entered The Online World Through Mobile Phones. However, His Addiction To Computers Was Endless. From Childhood, He Wanted To Learn To Know Better About It. That’s Why He Chose The Computer Programming Sector When He Grew Up. Although Admitted To Computer Engineering, His Mindset Was To Advance Further. That’s Why He Chose The Web Development Sector To Take Himself Further. Through His Tireless Work And Patience, He Established Himself As A Successful Freelancer And Young Entrepreneur. We All Know That It Takes A Lot Of Sacrifices And Night After Night To Establish Yourself In The Freelancing Profession. There Was No Exception In His Case. If You Want To Be Ahead Of Everyone, You Must Work Hard To Advance Yourself. Md Sabbir (S2K Sabbir) Is A Shining Example Of This Work.

As The Saying Goes, Fortune Favors The Brave. Or One Who Steps Forward With Indomitable Courage With Firm Conviction That God Of Luck Helps Him. Through His Own Efforts, Md. Sabbir Is Today Well Known As An Established Web Developer And Works As An SEO Professional, Speed Optimization, Social Marketer And Young Entrepreneur.

He Didn’t Limit Himself To Just Freelancing. He Has Taken His Work To Unique Heights. He Also Involved Himself In Business And He Also Involved Himself As An Entrepreneur Besides Freelancing. Open Own IT Agency. In 2020 He Founded S2K IT Tech Point. This Company Is A Very Well-Known Tech Agency. S2K IT Tech Point Offers Web Design & Web Development, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, And All IT-Related Services. These Agencies Expanded Their Work Beyond The Country. He Was Working Relentlessly With Many Reputed Organizations And Innovators In The Country As Well As Outside The Country. Md Sabbir (S2K Sabbir), Through His And His Organization’s Work, Earns A Lot Of Foreign Exchange From Outside The Country, Contributing To The Country’s Economy.

In Addition To This Organization, He Established S2K Shop In 2021. In 2023, He Founded Another Company Called Projapoti Shop. Both Of These Are Two E-Commerce Companies On The Online Platform He Founded. Currently, They Are One Of The Most Trusted Companies In Bangladesh For Fast And Easy Shopping. Their Goal Is To Get The Products To The Customers In The Safest, Easiest, And Fastest Way In Bangladesh. They Are Delivering Various Products Of The Country As Well As Products From Outside The Country Very Quickly And Easily To The Customers. They Continue Their Work In Bangladesh, But Soon They Will Take Their Scope Of Work Outside The Country, Md Sabbir (S2K Sabbir) Hopes. He Is Working Tirelessly To Make His Organization Progress Very Fast.

Time Is Very Limited In Human Life. Only A Few Can Distinguish Themselves From Others In This Limited Time—Most Of Those Who Can Are Talented. And Some People Make Themselves Incomparable In Their Work. Md Sabbir (S2K Sabbir) Is One Of Those People. We Are Hopeful That He Will Soon Spread His Name Outside The Country As A Creative And Hard Worker.

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